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Used/Recycled Timber Pallets

A family owned and operated team who excel at fabricating and selling custom pallets, crates, and cases for businesses across Melbourne Westend Pallets is here to provide exceptional shipping and transport solutions. Along with recycling pallets and selling second hand pallets we also custom build timber and wooden support equipment to our customer’s specifications. Offering same day delivery throughout the Melbourne metro area our team are passionate about helping your stock and goods get to where they are meant to be safely.

At Westend Pallets our team of expert, experienced, and professional pallet suppliers aim to provide our clients with a variety of choice to ensure that you find the right shipping support product for your goods. Customisable in all shapes and sizes to meet tour client’s custom dimensions our pallets are perfect for any method of transport. An affordable and sturdy option for shipping our used second hand pallets, for our Melbourne clients, have been thoroughly inspected for any damage or deterioration. Thanks to our scrutiny you won’t be able to tell that our used pallets are second hand.

Second Hand Timber Pallets

Expertly refurbished to be used in standard shipping and transportation journeys Westend Pallets range of second hand timber pallets provide unmatched levels of support and security for all manner of stock and goods. No matter what industry you are in or how far you are planning on transporting your goods our second hand timber pallets are treated and restored to perform to both Australian and international standards. By selecting our team of expert fabricators to supply you with refurbished second hand pallets you are gaining an affordable alternative that is just as reliable as newly made timber pallets.

Second Hand Plastic Pallets for Reusable Packaging

Are you looking for excellently manufactured and stored second hand plastic pallets. With our knowledge and attention to detail the team at Westend Pallets are able to supply businesses throughout Melbourne with high quality and durable used plastic pallets. Thanks to being comprised of damage-resistant elements plastic pallets immediately have an advantage over other pallet types. By thoroughly checking and testing all second hand pallets before sale the team at Westend Pallets ensure that their pallets are safe for use and provide optimal protection and transport support for our customers. To learn more please feel free to contact us today.

Used Wooden Pallets

Are you looking for affordable and highly maintained used wooden pallets? Melbourne business owners all around the city can rely on the professional and passionate team at Westend Pallets to ensure the quality of the used wooden pallets we have for sale. No matter the size, the shape, or the weight of your stock or goods our second hand pallets can be used to expertly and safely store and transport your materials. By completely removing, replacing, and rebuilding damaged pieces of wooden pallets we can rejuvenate them and restore them as though they had just been made.

Used Pallets For Sale Melbourne

Are you in need of a used pallet supplier who can provide you with sturdy and durable second hand pallets? Thanks to our wide range of used pallets for sale Melbourne businesses and private operators have a choice in either purchasing plastic, timber, or wooden pallets depending on the specifications of their goods and their requirements. Operating for years in the Melbourne area we understand the needs of our clients intimately. We can prepare and customise used pallets for sale with guaranteed same day delivery throughout the Melbourne metro area. To talk to a member of our team about your needs feel free to contact us today.

Recycled Pallets Melbourne - Environmentally Friendly Options

Committed to providing businesses across Melbourne with reliable and affordable shipping and transportation solutions the team at Westend Pallets understand the importance of supplying superior pallets and related accessories. From custom-made pallets, recycled plastic or wood pallets, pallets that meet international standards, case packing, and export cases our passionate team work to meet your requirements. By applying our years of experience manufacturing and rebuilding pallets, crates, and cases our family owned and operated business offers same day services throughout Melbourne. If you are interested in discussing your needs with our professional team please feel free to contact us today. Able to offer the same high levels of durability and longevity as standard pallets our recycled plastic pallets have been stressed tested to deliver peace of mind to our valued customers.

Do you want the transportation and shipping of your goods to be as environmentally-friendly as possible? Does the condition of other reused pallets concern you? Thanks to our skilled and comprehensive timber pallet recycling services Melbourne businesses can trust the team at Westend Pallets to ensure the safe shipping of your expensive goods. Thanks to our years of experience constructing sturdy and durable pallets for transporting goods over long distances, Westend Pallets excel at rebuilding and recycling damaged pallets that would otherwise be destroyed. By recycling pallets, we reduce manufacturing costs and the use of valuable resources to provide you with a durable and reliable recycled pallet ready to efficiently transport your goods.

Recycled Plastic Pallets

Renowned for their high levels of durability and adaptability plastic pallets can provide businesses with a reliable transportation platform for their goods and freight. By using cutting-edge methods and techniques to break down and rebuild damaged pallets the team at Westend Pallets excel at providing recycled plastic pallets to Melbourne businesses. Thanks to the weatherproof nature of plastic pallets our recycled plastic pallets are impervious to water-caused warping and less susceptible to damage in racking.
The recycled plastic pallets we provide across Melbourne also include anti-slip elements to ensure a more stable base when transporting your goods or products.

Pallets Recycling Melbourne

At Westend Pallets we understand that having peace of mind about the quality of your pallets is extremely important to you. While pallets can be damaged through everyday use and can weaken over time this does not mean they are no longer useful. By using innovative and reliable techniques we can breathe new life into otherwise unusable pallets. Whether comprised of wood or plastic our recycled pallets provide Melbourne businesses with a more affordable and highly durable alternative to standard pallet transportation.

Ready to make a difference? Partner with Westend Pallets for sustainable pallet recycling solutions. Contact us today at 03 9328 0000 to discuss how our services align with your business goals and environmental values.

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Ben SmithBen Smith
00:56 12 Jan 23
Great service, quick and easy. Were able to help me with my specific needs over the phone and sorted it straight away. Awesome customer service
Selina KongSelina Kong
06:37 27 Sep 21
I have been dealing with Westend Pallets for years in different companies, I am always convinced to keep them on my preferred supplier list for their outstanding service and reasonable product price.Great work to Peter and his team!
Gazza BGazza B
06:53 09 Sep 21
If you're looking for a helpful and reliable pallet service, look no further. Jason has been more than helpful and goes the extra mile for his customers. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this company to anyone.Thanks again for the great service Jason, look forward to working with you in the future.
Ashwin SubramaniamAshwin Subramaniam
00:40 23 Aug 21
Peter and the team at Westend pallets have been amazing to deal with. They are always happy to assist and provide custom solutions to all of our projects.They have always been upfront and honest, and more importantly been able to accommodate our lead times.I would highly recommend Westend Pallets.
Julie ParisJulie Paris
09:14 28 May 20
Jason at Westend Pallets has been so helpful the customer service has been outstanding. Jason went above and beyond to help me . I highly recommend Jason at Westend Pallets . If you need a box made to send overseas , Jason is the man to assist you with all your needs .I really felt confident that my goods would be delivered securely with the timber box that Jason and his team built for me .Thank you Jason and Westend Pallets .

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