We Recycle, Manufacture & Deliver New & Recycled Pallets, Timber And Plastic Pallets.

Eco Friendly Recycling

As an environmentally focused business, we offer a cost effective and sustainable solution to help properly manage your timber waste. Up to 13% of wood is being dumped into landfill each year, reducing this number is critical to the ecological factors of our environment. Recycling one tonne worth of timber can save more than 5000kw of energy. Call us now to see how we can assist with your timber pallet removal.

What type of timber can be recycled?

  • Pine
  • Hardwood
  • Plywood

Extra Costs may apply if load consists of

  • Contaminants or residual packaging including paper, plastic & cardboard.
  • Treated pine & some manufactured wood products e.g. MDF, Form Ply, Masonite & water damaged particle board
  • Heavy fasteners, bolts or metal brackets
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