Shipping Crates & Containers

Whether moving goods by air, land or sea, our shipping crates and containers ensure superior shipping.

Shipping Pallet , Crates & Cases

Do you want a lasting and reliable solution for your shipping or transportation needs? Whether you are moving your goods by air, land, or sea the team at Westend Pallets has got you covered though our focused and passionate methods of pallet, crate, and case construction. Thanks to 25 years’ experience in the field, our team understand how to deliver durable and superior shipping and transport support options. Our highly durable shipping crates comply with international standards and regulations, ensuring that they offer optimal protection to your goods during transit.

Wooden Shipping Pallets for Melbourne

1100 - 1140mm or 40" - 44". Any size Custom Made available

  • Pine or Hardwood Pallets

    Pine or Hardwood

  • Recycled Pallets


  • New and Custom Made Pallets

    New and Custom
    Made Pallets

  • Remanufactured Pallets


  • Like New Pallets

    Like New

  • Second Hand & Used Pallets

    Second Hand &
    Used Pallets

Shipping Pallet

Are you planning on moving your goods internationally by way of cargo ship?

Rough seas and poor load handling can damage your freight beyond repair. Thanks to our years of experience working with pallets and related products of all shapes and sizes the team at Westend Pallets can expertly fabricate durable and reliable shipping pallets, crates, and cases. Committed to ensuring that your goods get to their intended destination our range of pallets, crates, and cases ensure that no matter the size or shape of your freight we can help you move it with ease.

Large Shipping Crates

We at Westend Pallets are committed to providing our customers with a simple method to pack, store, and transport their goods.

The skilled and attentive team at Westend Pallets proudly offer both small and large shipping crates for Melbourne businesses and residents. Able to withstand the rigours of travelling long distances across land, air, and sea, our large shipping crates are what you want to keep your goods safe at all times during transit.

Shipping Cases

Secure and available in a number of sizes to suit the dimensions of your goods the shipping cases supplied by Westend Pallets allow for the safe transportation of fragile and important goods. Designed to be used by customers from across multiple industries and varied specialisations, our shipping cases provide you with confidence and security that your goods will arrive the same way they depart.

To learn more about our superior shipping crates and shipping cases, call a member of our helpful and knowledgeable team today!