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We Recycle, Manufacture & Deliver New & Recycled, Timber And Plastic Pallets.

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Custom Made Wooden Pallets Melbourne

Proudly Family Owned And Operated. Personal Service Is Important!

The team at Westend Pallets has helped countless business owners across Melbourne keep their goods safe and secure during transit. Drawing on our 25+ years of outstanding experience and expertise, our passionate team use the best materials and innovative fabrication techniques when tailor-making our products to your specifications.

Based in Melbourne’s Western Suburbs, our family owned and operated business understands how to get your goods from point A to point B without undergoing any damage.

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We Guarantee delivery of your pallets on time, every time, with a product that is 100% top quality.

Custom Made Wooden Pallets Melbourne

We are a local company, family owned & operated, 15km from Melbourne CBD on 4 acres with all types of pallets & boxes in new, recycled, Timber or Plastic in standard, export size, throw away & Custom made.We supply & install Pallet Racking, offer painting & stencilling, custom crating and on site packing.

We also recycle old pallets & boxes. We have plenty of stock on hand and our own fleet of trucks, we can also offer same day service to all Metro areas.

Pallet For Sale Melbourne

Are you searching for durable and reliable wooden pallets? Melbourne business owners and operators can stop their search thanks to the reliable, skilled, and committed team at Westend Pallets. Over our years of operation we have helped business owners from all industries secure their stock and goods for both interstate and international transportation. Thanks to our wide variety of hardwood and timber pallets for sale Melbourne businesses can find the right pallet to meet their individual requirements. With our focus on delivering the highest quality of handiwork available in the industry you can rely on us to offer the best in secure and safe transportation support.

From our location in Melbourne’s Western Suburbs the team at Westend Pallets has gained a wide range of custom made wood pallet options for sale. Melbourne business owners from all over the metro area can enjoy same-day delivery from our passionate team. No matter what your needs and requirements are out fabricators can manufacture weight-bearing pallets from the highest-quality materials available to ensure that either the pallet or your good are not damaged during the transit. Available at competitive prices our superior pallets are built to last. To discuss your specifications and needs please feel free to contact us today.

Hardwood Pallets Melbourne

Crafted from sustainable and durable sections of timber Westend Pallets also sells new timber cases and pallets to businesses and operators across Melbourne. By hand-selecting the best varieties and species of timber available we can expertly and accurately create flawless pallets to meet the individual requirements of your stock. In addition to our outstanding pallet design we also create timber export cases to ensure a higher level of safety for your goods. Perfect for long journeys in containers these cases can be packed with packing materials to further prevent movement of the goods. To learn more about our new timber pallets and cases talk to Westend Pallets.


We Recycle, Manufacture & Deliver New & Recycled Pallets, Timber and Plastic Pallets. Other products include Standard Pallets, Export Pallets, Skids, Euros, Boxes, Crates and Made to order Pallets Boxes and Crates. Timber, any type or lengths available ask for a quote for any of your requirements.

Other services include, Painting, Stenciling Fumigation (IPPC and ISPM15 compliant) and a Surplus Pallet and a Waste Collection Program.

Call us on + 61 3 9328 0000 or Email us to discuss your requirements or request a no obligation quote.

We also accept Visa, Mastercard and Amex.