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Do you want a lasting and reliable solution for your shipping or transportation needs? Whether you are moving your goods by air, land, or sea the team at Westend Pallets has got you covered with our focused and passionate methods of pallet, crate, and case construction. Thanks to our years of experience delivering shipping results to Melbourne business owners our family owned and operated team understand how to deliver durable and superior shipping and transport support options.


Are you planning on moving your goods internationally by way of cargo ship? While an effective and easy method factors including rough seas and poor offloading handling can damage your freight beyond repair. Thanks to our years of experience working with pallets and related products of all shapes and sizes the team at Westend Pallets can expertly fabricate durable and reliable shipping pallets, crates, and cases. Committed to ensuring that your goods get to their intended destination our range of pallets, crates, and cases ensure that no matter the size or shape of your freight we can help you move it with ease.

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We Guarantee delivery of your pallets on time, every time, with a product that is 100% top quality.