Recycled Pallets

Good for the environment, recycled pallets provide an affordable and sustainable pallet option.

Recycled Pallets Melbourne

Committed to providing businesses across Melbourne with reliable and affordable shipping and transportation solutions the team at Westend Pallets understand the importance of supplying superior pallets and related accessories. From custom-made pallets, recycled plastic or wood pallets, pallets that meet international standards, case packing, and export cases our passionate team work to meet your requirements. By applying our years of experience manufacturing and rebuilding pallets, crates, and cases our family owned and operated business offers same day services throughout Melbourne. If you are interested in discussing your needs with our professional team please feel free to contact us today. Able to offer the same high levels of durability and longevity as standard pallets our recycled plastic pallets have been stressed tested to deliver peace of mind to our valued customers.

Do you want the transportation and shipping of your goods to be as environmentally-friendly as possible? Does the condition of other reused pallets concern you? Thanks to our skilled and comprehensive pallet recycling services Melbourne businesses can trust the team at Westend Pallets to ensure the safe shipping of your expensive goods. Thanks to our years of experience constructing sturdy and durable pallets for transporting goods over long distances, Westend Pallets excel at rebuilding and recycling damaged pallets that would otherwise be destroyed. By recycling pallets, we reduce manufacturing costs and the use of valuable resources to provide you with a durable and reliable recycled pallet ready to efficiently transport your goods.

Wooden Shipping Pallets for Melbourne

1100 - 1140mm or 40" - 44". Any size Custom Made available

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    Second Hand &
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Recycled Plastic Pallets Melbourne

Renowned for their high levels of durability and adaptability plastic pallets can provide businesses with a reliable transportation platform for their goods and freight. By using cutting-edge methods and techniques to break down and rebuild damaged pallets the team at Westend Pallets excel at providing recycled plastic pallets to Melbourne businesses. Thanks to the weatherproof nature of plastic pallets our recycled plastic pallets are impervious to water-caused warping and less susceptible to damage in racking.

The recycled plastic pallets we provide across Melbourne also include anti-slip elements to ensure a more stable base when transporting your goods or products.

Pallets Recycling Melbourne

At Westend Pallets we understand that having peace of mind about the quality of your pallets is extremely important to you. While pallets can be damaged through everyday use and can weaken over time this does not mean they are no longer useful. By using innovative and reliable techniques we can breathe new life into otherwise unusable pallets. Whether comprised of wood or plastic our recycled pallets provide Melbourne businesses with a more affordable and highly durable alternative to standard pallet transportation. If you would like to learn more about the pallet recycling process or discuss your pallet requirements please feel free to contact us today.

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