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Onsite Case Packing

Specialising in assisting businesses across all industries safely and expertly transport a wide variety of stock across vast distances the team at Westend Pallets understand the importance of using the highest quality materials to prevent movement and damage to your goods. Drawing on years of experience fabricating, restoring, and rebuilding reliable shipping support materials at affordable rates we know how to ensure the safe transport of your products. To gain a deeper understanding of our products, custom builds, and same day delivery service please feel free to contact us today.

Do you want to completely secure the integrity of your goods during transit to their destination? Alongside our excellent and custom export case fabrication services the team at Westend Pallets also provide unmatched onsite case packing to ensure that, when secured within the export case, your goods have no chance of shifting within the case or crate. Using easy to install packing materials that will not block or damage integral components in your goods we guarantee that by using our affordable case packing service you will ensure the safe arrival of potentially fragile freight. To learn more about the benefits of onsite case packing feel free to contact us today.

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