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Fumigation or Heat Treatment

The new International Standard for fumigation was developed by the IPPC.

Methyl bromide is currently one of the fumigants approved for treating pallets. Heat Treatment is another approved treatment for your export requirements. Non-Wood Packaging Pallets also comply with current export standards.


All products treated include

  • Stencilling of IPPC symbol
  • Compliant with ISPM 15
  • AWPCS Certificate issued in the customer’s name

Lead time approximately 2 to 4 days.

Email your requirements to for a quote or a member of our sales team to provide a quote or contact you.

Fumigated Pallets for Export

At Westend Pallets it is our goal to deliver the best pallets to Customers in Melbourne.

To ensure that all of our pallets conform to international shipping and transportation standards and regulations we can prepare and treat fumigated pallets for export.

Once our timber and wooden pallets have been fumigated by our professional and expert team you can be sure that they will not be a nest or hiding place for invasive and damaging pests. For more information about the benefits of having your pallets fumigated by our methodical and detailed team call Westend Pallets today!

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