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We Recycle, Manufacture & Deliver New & Recycled, Timber And Plastic Pallets.

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Custom Made Wooden Pallets Melbourne

Proudly Family Owned And Operated. Personal Service Is Important!

The team at Westend Pallets has helped countless business owners across Melbourne keep their goods safe and secure during transit. Drawing on our 25+ years of outstanding experience and expertise, our passionate team use the best materials and innovative fabrication techniques when tailor-making our products to your specifications.

Based in Melbourne’s Western Suburbs, our family owned and operated business understands how to get your goods from point A to point B without undergoing any damage.

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We Guarantee delivery of your pallets on time, every time, with a product that is 100% top quality.

Pallets Hoppers Crossing

If you’re after the best pallets Hoppers Crossing customers trust, then come to Westend Pallets and discover our fantastic range of pallets for sale. We ensure only pallets of the highest quality are provided to every customer and at competitive prices to offer amazing value on every order.

As an Australian family owned and run business, operating locally in Melbourne from the western suburbs, we understand the values and expectations of our customers – because we share them ourselves! This drives us to make sure only the best service and pallets in Hoppers Crossing are given to every customer.

To ensure our pallets in Hoppers Crossing are just what you want, you can choose from plastic and timber materials, with pine and hardwood popular choices. We also have a range of sizes, from small to large and even custom sizes that are made just for you and the task you have in mind.

Wooden Crates & Pallets Hoppers Crossing

Our wooden pallets in Hoppers Crossing are the best choice for all packaging, storage and transportation jobs, ensuring goods and items delivered to or from your business are safe and secure. We also have a range of supplies to help make these jobs easier. Come and visit our store and see why we’re the most popular choice in Melbourne for pallets and crates for yourself. We’re always happy to discuss how we can help.

For more information on wooden crates in Hoppers Crossing, contact us today or call us on 03 9328 0000 to find out how we can help.