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Located in the heartland of Melbourne’s industrial Western Suburbs Westend Pallets have been delivering unmatched and reliable transportation solutions to our customers for years. As experts in creating pallets, export cases, storage crates, and other durable shipping methods you can trust our skilled team to ensure that your goods arrive at their destination without a scratch. From recycled wooden pallets and plastic pallets, onsite case packing, and euro pallets no matter your transportation needs we can build it. To speak to our team about your transportation support needs feel free to contact us today.

Are you searching for durable and reliable pallets built to withstand long shipping journeys? Available in both pine or hardwood varieties Westend Pallets is proud of our sturdy range of export pallets. Melbourne businesses across the city turn to us to provide exceptional transport options for their goods. Manufactured from new and recycled materials our expert team can custom-make export pallets to dimensions that meet your specifications. Our passion, combined with our years producing and manufacturing pallets Westend Pallets ensures that our export pallets can be transported and moved safely without interruption or damage to your goods.

Wooden Shipping Pallets for Melbourne export-pallets 1100 – 1140mm or 40″ – 44″. Any size Custom Made available  

Download and View Our Export Pallet Spec Sheets

1020 x 1220mm New Export Timber Pallet SPEC SHEET.pdf

1120 x 1090mm Second Hand Remake 3 Bearer Export Pallets _ISPM 15_ SPEC SHEET.pdf

1120 x 1090mm Second Hand Remake 4 Bearer Export Pallets _ISPM 15_ SPEC SHEET.pdf

1120 x 1120mm New- 4 Bearer Export Timber Pallet ‘ISPM 15’.pdf

Timber Export Cases

Do you want to transport custom or oversized goods long distances with the assurance that they will arrive intact at their destination? Using innovative fabrication techniques the team at Westend Pallets can custom-build strong and resilient timber export cases to provide you with dependable transport solutions. Thanks to their enclosed design our range of export cases can be easily stacked and arranged when being shipped over long distances. With years of experience manufacturing custom timber export cases for clients from all industries Westend Pallets have the skills and know-how to guarantee your freight gets to its destination intact.

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